Writing Prompt #116 “Collage 2″

Collage 2

TL: Yves TR and BL Free Google Wallpapers BR: Holunder

Such hunger as feasts

On the appetite

Cannot possibly

Be extinguished.

It is best worked out

To the bloody end.

I climbed a tree today,

Though only with my eyes

As the occupation terrifies.

I prayed for rain

To wash the worms

From my flesh

But it never came.

Grave robbers are always

Equipped with teeth

Even if they lack

The impetus to erase life.

My heart,

A pumice stone,

Files my ribs to ash.

I ought to dance,

To drape the veil

Over the windows

Trample the demons

Brazen enough to surface

In the light of day

But I love them

These vices, this vise-like pen

This diary that will not close.