Audio here

I juggle my ferocity,

The writing which facilitates

And tames my delirium.

Scraps of aspect sent,

Belligerent in foreign countries

But familiar when embraced.

I haven’t the time

For my human failings,

For tyrants who reach

Into my enormity

And underestimate my plans.

I haven’t time for the mask,

For the strands of elastic

Which sustain a more prosaic state.

A discretion long

Past scolding

I know who I am

And what it means

To be imperfect in perfect bliss.

I may not be the paradigm

Of my virtue, likely nothing,

But it is my nothingness to fill.

I fill myself with alphabets,

And the fragments of bones

Sucked to vacancy.

I am transparent, inarticulate,

A disease without remission.

I haven’t done audio for a while but as I am home alone I thought why not. The sinus infection may be affecting my voice at least I think I sound more nasal than usual (my ear is also blocked up so it’s hard to say).






25 thoughts on “Wordle #145 (Audio)

  1. I love it, and I found rhyme in it. I see it fit to point it out to you because I know you always say you think you are bad in rhyming. The poem had a certain roll of the tongue style, it is very rhytmical. I loved the opening line also 🙂

  2. Ha. Good on you being content in the imperfect. We all are in many ways, though we do not want to admit it because then it makes it real – and the quest for perfection taints us. I like the taking ownership of our nothing, and wanting no one to fill it for us.

  3. This is such an “in you face I don’t care or need your permission or approval” piece – love it – very affirmative and sure – certain – and content with the choices. Great piece Yves.

    (sorry don’t have time for the audio )

  4. “I fill myself with alphabets,
    And the fragments of bones
    Sucked to vacancy.”

    Ha. That’s awesome. Super sexy.

    I’ll come back for a more thorough reading this evening; I have a killer migraine and a super busy day. But I love, love, love you and your work. Oh, and I will definitely respond to the longer comment you left me yesterday. It’s been on my mind. Get back witcha soon, girlie.

      1. Oh wow thank you on all accounts! I have been mistaken for a phone sex girl a few times lol

        I hope your migraine has passed and that you are feeling amazing inside and out XD

  5. “I juggle my ferocity” is such a fabulous line–and quite familiar to this gal. I was hoping you’d feel better today–kick that sinus infection! By the way, seems this is the first time I’ve read and really paid attention to your tag line–I LOVE IT. “Waiting to happen”–wonder if I have happened, and this is all there is…. Anyway, still praying for your “quick” recovery ~~ Dell

    1. Today I am just exhausted I don’t like to nap even if sick but today that finally caught up to me and I had too

      Thank you so much Dell =) You are happening right now!

  6. Wonderful, as always, but then to hear you read them (this is my first time hearing your voice) – wow, you have such a way. I would ‘applaud’ but then, somehow that would spoil the atmosphere.

      1. Thank you dear “friend” (you know me from previous/very recent blogs….). I will be following your prompt site shortly. And for now, I’m going “comment-less”–not sure if that will change; I’m having personal issues you would be familiar with, I venture to say… Be well~ “Valida”

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