Writing Prompt #113 and Photo Challenge #69 and Wordle# 207

5 Letters

5 Letters

The door is flesh, nameless,

Scarred to parchment

Tattoos choking out

The panes like gorse

And the grains

Running contrary

Sporadic as the kisses

Of reassembled sweethearts.

The door is a werewolf

Rising with the sclera.

The great white witch

Darkly persuasive

Weaves her spells

Into the courier directly,

An efficient brand,

A cowl of blades

Shimmering but deadly.

The door is a carnival

Contrived of lanterns

And balls of rain heavy

As the glass they frame.

Blind as a doll

She hunts by ear

Poised like a scorpion

Behind the resurrection.

The door stands alone

Without the bother of insertion

The heartbreak of a Ferris wheel

Unoccupied but toiling ceaselessly

Through a patina sky

As if repetition could recall

The miracle of fullness.










26 responses to “Writing Prompt #113 and Photo Challenge #69 and Wordle# 207

  1. I really like the opening – the dorrway being flesh, framed in tattoo – running contrary – the way i see it, tattooes tell a story about us, but it may be the one we want to tell – our flesh, will tell a story too, probably not the one we want told. Ha. I like how you build on that too with the door being the werewolf and the carnival, the door takes on many personas.

  2. Fantastic the way you combined the two prompts. It reminds me of a line from a poem by Christina Rosetti in which she references a door which open, leading in, leads out no more.

  3. The door into a world of light and shadow. “The door is carnival/Contrived of lanterns” — a festive face hiding a darker mind.

  4. This shock and chock full of incredible imagery – of visions and seers, of delusions and darkness, yet glimmers of light – held in lanterns, by whose hands?

    The mind reels – rereading a must – so rich and evocative – with a lust that is deeply upsetting in a spiritually highlighted and empty way.

    Does that make any sense? Probably not.

    Okay – brilliant – just wonderful and pushes boundaries and limits to paper thin slices – excellent Yves!

    • Your comments are poetry you know that? It does actually make sense because I was thinking of a character who doesn’t have a soul (he gave it away for immortality and wants to retrieve it so he can die) , a character who has lifetimes of experience and has had countless incarnations but suffers from amnesia and your comment makes me think you saw that

      • Well your response to my comment – well, then, I did make some sense in my “poetic response”? Good. And thanks for that compliment 🙂

        There are so many feelings and layers to this piece – I definitely felt as if there was a struggle – a battle or desire – of wills – for spirit, soul – so it makes sense to me very much, on that level. Yes.

        Okay – good. I thought perhaps I was off on a heat-induced tangent of lost mind.

        Such a great piece – totally impressive – and worth re-reading – again and again. 😀

  5. Love these sections:

    “Sporadic as the kisses
    Of reassembled sweethearts.”

    “The door is a carnival
    Contrived of lanterns
    And balls of rain heavy”

    Very nice work.

  6. Ah… what a tease… the writing prompt isn’t up yet!
    I am fascinated by your doors. I adore the last stanza.

    We continue to find the light while enjoying your prompts at MLMM.
    Thanks for your visit to my ‘lamplighter’. 😉

      • Oh… I’ve got some folks who really liked my door piece –
        I hope they can hold out another week 😉
        I hadn’t realized the word list wasn’t yours at first…

        I did create a page for my Door Series in case I used different prompts for it – but now I know I can relax a tad. The Collages are fun too.

      • I am so happy to hear that Jules =) I wasn’t sure how to do it because if people weren’t interested in the Door series then it would be such a long time before we moved on to something new and that was why I thought of alternating if that makes sense but if everyone feels as you that they are really interested in the Door series I will happily do those back to back

      • I just put up on the page that it was every other week XD – I think others can make pages too. But I can always edit… my page.

        I think it will be nice to have a switch up- but what ever you choose – it is your call. I Just know that I can’t do every prompt I would like so I have to pick and choose. There are some that I will always go to though… 🙂

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