Platters of cotton

Parade over my tongue,

Clouds baked

To the consistency

Of meringue.

I catch celebratory stars

In old jelly jars,

Leaves in the skirt

Of a threadbare dress.

Dreams trip through

A college-ruled notebook

Cramped are the rows

Of parenthetical impression.

There’s never enough time

For paradise and though free

I miss most what I have never seen.


Not too pleased with this one reminds me of something I would have written as a child when I first began


11 thoughts on “Wordle #151

  1. Well, Pfft! I like it. “Cramped are the rows of parenthetical impression”
    And the very last 3 lines. Those I think are a lot more gripping than I think you feel they are. But then, that’s just me. 😉

  2. “Not too pleased with this one” … Excuse me?! I was just about to tell you that this is my favorite poem of yours and that I’m going to read it over and over until I memorize.

    My favorite poetic voice is that of a child, honestly. But with very deep emotions and thoughts hidden under the surface.

  3. Ha. I wish I did not miss much, but i know i do.
    Would be cool to catch stars in jars. We catch
    fireflies, which is cool enough.

    When we were crossing a mountain in the clouds
    last week my boys wanted the windows down
    to try to catch clouds in their mouthes.

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