Wordle #150


An assault triggered

By the mercy of indulgence,

Fuel that incites violence.

A cage woven with ease

And volition by a guessing tenet,

Three 6’s for an address.

Denial is a type of hell,

Paramount to the establishment

Of every subsequent level.

A careful list of excuses

Only doubles the accusations.

What terrible tricks the mind plays

To maintain a character of sanity.


14 responses to “Wordle #150

  1. I love the opening two lines. And here, … “A cage woven with ease” … morphs into, “A cave woman …” to me, which I kinda dig.

    Take a deep breath, and just let it go. Start over like it never happened. Just choose to forget and then see what unfolds next. Bitterness and anger block out the good energy that wants to come to you. There is a circle of goodness that will close in on you if you push out the yucky energy to make room for the Zen. That’s what I think, anyway. Sending you good vibes, girlfriend. 🙂

    P.S. I think you are the coolest; I simply adore you.

  2. Denial is just that. It will eventually catch up with you, and over run you. Better just to deal with it and let it go. Excuses and accusations, that is a never ending circle we fall into far too often.

  3. Another “slap across the face” – although I don’t mean that as a true act of violence – but such power chosen carefully in words woven in a force and fashion that leaves me breathless!

    Simple – short – to the point – but oh how those images resonate – sounding of walls – echoing and mixing one with the other! Great job Yves! 😀

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