Wordle #68

Week 68

Your unshaven face accumulates

As flotsam in the wince of my smile.

I’ve a predilection for problems

Their development, their pithy reconciliations,

Sex that ends with rictus and begins with fire.

I knew that you were a caitiff, a roving truck.

I knew that whatever we planted

Would not grow because saplings

However, intent do not thrive in wreckage

I knew that you would dump me

In favor of an uncomplicated brevity

But as I watch you scuttle away

I realize that I never had the courage

To want for anything more.




18 responses to “Wordle #68

  1. This is completely bad-ass. You freaking rule. I look forward to your poems.

    Love this, especially:
    “I’ve a predilection for problems”

    And this:
    “Sex that ends with rictus”

    I have no idea what rictus is; that just sounds cool! Off to look it up now. 🙂

  2. wow. honest. tough.
    we have to see and want for more if we are going to ever have it.
    pointed write yves.

  3. Another “punch you when you least expect it piece” – except I *do* expect it from your works.

    Brilliantly powerful and certainly a very honest and dramatic finish. Great job of the words – some can be hard to fit into the structure – but you’ve done it so well Yves 🙂

      • some times we just need to step back and let it breathe – maybe you’ll rework it – or not – some times the infancy of a piece just needs to be itself – until the moment shifts and it is ready to grow …

  4. Wow, Yves, I’ve read this four times and I love it more each time….there is so much here…it is telling, scathing, rich, insightful, sad, powerful, descriptive….just WOW!!

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