Writing Prompt #114 “Collage” and Wordle #159

Collage 1

I stitch your light into

The groove of my all-seeing smile.

This night full of keys

And broken miracles

Bleeds at the quick.

I’ll never stop tending

Your dead flowers,

Never deny you a chance

When the chance is mine to give.

I pass every moment as it arises

Through your incautious eyes,

To the soles of your Converse shoes.

Do what you like with me,

But do it hard and often.

It’s your legs that will free me

Spindly wings ripped from

A blackbird’s maw.

Who has the power to erase

A dream whilst it transpires?

In the periphery war ignites,

A host of evils and yet

We still share the most

Trivial concessions,

For you love it’s always two.