Wordle #157


The water aches as it coalesces.

My sinking bones sway in assent,

An ancient index, a mess of scars.

Limbs taunt, as a marionette’s

Predestined strings.

The color of your eyes

Like twice boiled blood

Eschew all sacrifice.

The savage soul is itself

A cage and I’ve found

In you a torment worth

My inevitable denouement.

My open heart steals.

Rocking within

Your ceaseless intimations

I crawl across the floor

Face down, pistons of secrecy,

My elbows in search of orifice.

As sharp as you are

I can’t find an edge,

A definite mass, an articulation

That bridges movement and artifact.


My mom is on her way home now. It may take me a while to get back into the swing and to catch up I have a ton of posts to read!