Seesaw Alexa Houghton

Alexa Houghton

My porcelain heart

Swears beneath the strain

Of an oppressive balance.

The ground is never long

From the sky and limbo

Is intrinsic to doubt.

A decision by default

Is the heaviest to bare.

Scars feed my wrists

Tumbling from moonlit flesh

As a chant and no one

Can absolve my pain

However, gaudy

However, brief

Their concern

Though I am grateful

Just the same.

I shuffle the papers

Of countless diaries

The timeline slipping

From earth’s turnings.

As deep as the ocean

It cannot taste

The saline it ensnares.



4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #67 “See-Saw” and Wordle #156

  1. So much in this one (as usual)–I especially loved the lines “a decision by default is the heaviest to bare”. And I noted, “scars feed my wrists”…

  2. Too much salt. Too many tears. One would thing a body could run out of them… and yet the ocean is full.

    Thanks for your prompts and thanks for your visits.

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