Photo Challenge #66 “The Waiting” and Wordle #160

The Waiting_ZemotionZemotion

I press the water

From my veins

These unshed tears

Will not dilute me.

Mourning settles into

Vanishing dreams.

Though clumsy

The swing is true,

An axe falling helter-skelter

Through a glass moon.

Whenever your ghost lands

I will listen.

Your name shatters

At my diaries’ precipice.

Though your utter mention

Rubs me raw,

I will not relinquish the sky,

These consequences,

The price of breathing

In a room ten sizes too small.



34 responses to “Photo Challenge #66 “The Waiting” and Wordle #160

  1. “An axe falling helter-skelter/Through a glass moon.” Haunting imagery; haunting poem. I will carry.”The price of breathing/In a room ten sizes too small.” with me.

  2. Full of emotion. Not being dilluted by unshed tears is an important line to me. Because that is exactly what unshed tears will do to you. It takes strength to let go and release.

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