Underneath your laughter

A pigeon squeaks.

Wings flutter furiously,

A pregnant meeting stuck

To its leathery ankle.

It rolls through your smile

Barely breaking free

Your dozing mandible.

What does it all mean?

I follow your eyes

To her north-pointing breasts

Surveying her physics

Her incomprehensible beauty.

That face which needs

No introduction and those sweet

Pollinating lips which mate

Eagerly with yours;

A welcome deeper than warranted.

I treat her with careful hands

And shades of awe-inspiring envy.

My heart unwilling to report

To its more cumbersome brain.

Whatever I feel, whatever I lack

I carry with me, bracketed inside

A withering pump. Silently,

Stewing in my contagion and hers.


13 thoughts on “Wordle #162

  1. Fascinating portrait of envy, jealousy and yet, somehow there can be beauty found in these insecurities and emotions – but it is painful to see it.

    Another powerfully written verse Yves 🙂

  2. Interesting, being the spouse watching what goes on in an affair between the eyes. The envy. I can say – I have looked, but never strayed.

  3. I am no longer a jealous person. When I was younger I was. Perhaps it was youth then. Perhaps, too, it was over-all insecurities: insecure with myself, insecure with the relationship. Now, I am older. Now, I am no longer insecure with my relationship. No longer insecure with myself. Looking is not a problem for me. I do it on rare occasions. She, never does! But I remember the pain when it did happen, and I was hurt. Jealousy is something that can rip you open from the inside. It tears flesh. It tears the soul.

    1. This is fictional as most of my Wordles are just a note lol I was also more jealous when I was younger. I really have no cause to be (great relationship, loving loyal partner) but occasionally the little green bug bites me it seems to be related to my cycle if anything

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