A penny prays in the gutter

But not even the tarot will answer

Without an exchange of commodities

Or salacious fluids and a penny is nothing

If not followed by a more persuasive sum.

The copper of your overturned kiss

Dances through my blood, a plague,

A gyration in the dreadful stillness

Of my once gun-wielding heart.

I could love you, levitating, lubricating

A single touch to ease an intrinsic slaughter.

Seduction through the application

Of feverish hands lacks finesse but in a pinch

Anyone will do and I’ve a creature inside of me

That demands the darkness inside of you.


17 thoughts on “Wordle #166

  1. Whew. Great last lines. It is an interesting corrolation you make in the opening between the penny (copper) and the copper in our blood, and how cheap that piece of copper is. Pretty sure pennies are not copper anymore, but that is beside the point.

      1. I did–you always have uniquely amazing turns of phrase; you inspire me daily–otherwise I’d have never gotten so addicted to these wordles. Last night I SO needed to go to bed, but just had to do “one more”!

  2. Damn, chica!!! This is flipping awesome. Your openings and closing are always SO strong.

    I adore these lines:
    “A penny prays in the gutter
    But not even the tarot will answer
    Without an exchange of commodities”

    And that last line, big time~

  3. wonderfully evocative and powerful piece – love it! love the use of copper and pennies – which don’t exist here in Canada anymore – and the notions of sex, tarot/fortune telling and outright desires. Highly creative and somewhat darker than … oh you know. (sorry I have a cold and keep losing my train of thought) Great job Yves 😀

      1. Oh thank you 😀
        (learning something new – in another language – awesome ) and now, pardon me while I wander off in search of tea …

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