Wordle #65 “Night Terror”

Week 65

I delve into the hollows ablating your eyes

Into the magniloquent breasts and the smile

Marinating luridly on your incomprehensible face.

The picture frame on my bed does not help

To recover your beauty, the reservoir

Where you sleep and sour, the sacred stricture,

The murky ablutions that eat your flesh

As the adhesions on a strip of filthy tape.

What dreg did you succumb to? What nightmare?

Tonight I remember only the horror,

The terrible grief, the breath-stealing punch.

What brutal tide has commissioned you?

How is it that you exist in this unfit world?

In these dark recesses? In this dream

Which is not a dream at all but a panic?





22 responses to “Wordle #65 “Night Terror”

  1. Whew. Makes me think of those we have lost, perhaps to great tragedy, and how they seem to cling still and haunt us in the night. And we with our totems and pictures keeping them there.

  2. Very intense piece – very intense – it sucks you in and spits you out – and makes you grateful for daylight.

    Brilliant Yves 🙂

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