Where is Yves?

I have had an unusually hectic and busy week and there is more to come yet. I simply did not have time to write and I am too exhausted! I can say one thing though. I passed my National Swedish Exam and my course! So I get to move on to the next level. Theoretically of course if I switch schools to go to the closer school, it would be in a new district and I would have to retest. A retest could put me back where I started if the requirements in the new district are higher or if I choke during the interview. I really like the people in my class but the commute is long. On the other hand hubbie works in the city I commute too which means I can sometimes meet with him, but if I go to the closer school that won’t be possible. If I go to the closer school I can save a few hours possibly. I have no way of guaranteeing next term that my classmates would be the same either and I know some are moving on to various other things. I am still uncertain but I must make a decision soon.

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    • I can’t even put in to words how hectic and I didn’t even name everything that has been going on.

      Let’s see my husband had a birthday, my daughter graduated from 1st grade today, I have therapy tomorrow and I had quite a lot of homework which I have not had the time to complete, we had a party at school, I have a large number of social engagements in the wings, some construction work, and my mom who I have not seen in 4 years is coming soon!

      • Yikes!! Sounds like lots of good busy…. Congrats to your daughter. Enjoy your your visit with your mom but that sounds like lots there are going to be a roller coaster if emotion. Take advantage of this time in therapy. What are you taking at school? Oh and here is a Great Big hug for the rest of The week… Hope it helps!!

      • Thanks Oliana! It is an emotional rollercoaster and I have had nightmares nonstop for the last week I guess stress induced nightmares. I am attempting to learn Swedish

    • Thanks I hope so I really want to get good at Swedish my confidence is not good and my mental health issues and disabilities are causing some problems but I am hanging in

  1. Happens to the best of us. Hope life slows a pace.
    And I am sure you all will make the right decision together.

  2. Hopefully, you’ll make the decision that’s best for you. It’s hard to know which that would be in this case, so I can appreciate how difficult it must be to decide. Either way, I wish you good luck, Yves. And congratulations for passing your exam and your course! 😀

    • Thank you I am not sure how long I will be taking Swedish in the future but I am further than I got when I first attempted and gave up. I did the worst on the writing segment I know right but I cannot write Swedish in the right order (the words come quickly but the grammar is killing me). I got an A though in the class!!!!

    • I have a degree in Nutrition. I wonder sometimes why I did not pursue writing, perhaps because the technicalities would have killed me. I am studying Swedish now. I am living in Sweden and hoping to learn the language proficiently but it is hard.

  3. So much gong on,Yves. Congrats, first and foremost on your exam. Do take time to relax though.. I know you are going to make the best decisions in the end Wishing you an enjoyable re-union with your mum.

    Isn’t it exciting about your daughter?

  4. Phew – what a week – and still more to come?

    Here’s sending you super charged thoughts and light that you find some moments – of stillness – and peace – and sleep.

    Being sleep deprived doesn’t help at all.

    But, let’s move on to the great new – your daughter finished first grade! Yay! AND her Mom – passed her course with flying colors! YAY!

    Okay – breathe now.

    I’m sure if you just step back and find some down time – and some “play time” – the answers you need to find will find you. 🙂

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