Where is Yves?

I have had an unusually hectic and busy week and there is more to come yet. I simply did not have time to write and I am too exhausted! I can say one thing though. I passed my National Swedish Exam and my course! So I get to move on to the next level. Theoretically of course if I switch schools to go to the closer school, it would be in a new district and I would have to retest. A retest could put me back where I started if the requirements in the new district are higher or if I choke during the interview. I really like the people in my class but the commute is long. On the other hand hubbie works in the city I commute too which means I can sometimes meet with him, but if I go to the closer school that won’t be possible. If I go to the closer school I can save a few hours possibly. I have no way of guaranteeing next term that my classmates would be the same either and I know some are moving on to various other things. I am still uncertain but I must make a decision soon.