Wordle#64 and Writing Prompt #110 “Meraki”

Week 64

The sky wells up with mizzle

Or is it only my eyes misting over?

The sun lapses, languishes behind

A column of atomizing clouds

Like spun cartilage and I,

A precursor to the wreckage.

The thunder is in me

A lone door confiscated

By my paramensia,

By my denouement,

By my untenable greed.

I don’t have the right

Attitude for beauty,

The smile, a cue,

A handle for the iris,

For your fascist foot

To silence the recitation

Of my grievances

My sessions sound

Albeit underutilized.

I would recognize

The Devil anywhere

He is my father

My blood, the fecal paint

On my noxious cell.

Had I realized that I would

Meet him again and again

Wearing the faces of others

Posturing as a friend,

A sweetheart, an auxiliary

I would have given up.

Wherever there is hope

There is innocence

And I know despite

What I have known

That good men exist

For I have found

The impossible, the unicorn,

The life-giving cocktail

Love of the highest grade

Love that encourages

Love that instills poetry

In places where the muse

Was not suspected to exist.






31 responses to “Wordle#64 and Writing Prompt #110 “Meraki”

  1. Beautiful — the contrast between the first and last stanzas highlights the role love can play in healing and re-affirming. “Love that instills poetry/
    In places where the muse/Was not suspected to exist.”
    Your muse is an exceptional one, as is your poems and your loves.

  2. We are the sum of all our parts. But sometimes I do think we can rearrange the puzzle pieces to uncover better avenues which allows our muse to speak and our love to shine. Just as you say in you last stanza.

    (I haven’t done the wordle yet… looks like some interesting words…
    Kiddlets are visiting soon – so hopefully this afternoon I can sing my teeth into some of your new words!)

  3. Indeed another treasure – one that flows through understanding, pain and transition – and that ends in beauty – love. And so, in truth, despite whatever ongoing “demons and battles” – if there is honest love in support – you will win – triumph – even if it’s in the smallest of ways. And each small way adds onto the other – creating a monument – a testament to strength, courage, faith and hope. Beautiful Yves.

    • Awww thank you for your empowering comment. I feel like a snail, moving so slowly, almost imperceptibly at times, perhaps stopping and ruining the occasional cabbage patch but eventually eventualy

      • Sometimes slow is all we can manage – and if this is it – we have to simply learn to accept it – which is the difficult bit 😉

  4. What a beautiful testament to your love for your husband! It speaks such volumes and one that many people can relate to. All 3 here are spectacular. Thank you 🙂

  5. What a blessing you found that special person after all your suffering. Supportive love does inspire . It also gives hope This is probably the best gift you can give to others. I almost forgot this was a wordle poem.Seamless use of difficult words. Heartfelt poem.

  6. dang. some vicious words on dad. the fecal imprint on the cell. the giving up if you would have realized you were seeing his face in others.
    i dont have the attitude for beauty, oh no matter how beautiful you are, witht eh wrong attitude it changes most things.

  7. That third stanza is scathing to the core….utterly and profoundly so…gets right under the skin. And then that fourth one comes in like a welcome whisper, softening the blow, blotting up the bloodied mess of the “fecal paint.” Wow. Breathtaking, Yves. Truly one of your best!! And that is saying something….since they are all so stunning 🙂

  8. This is truly amazing poeming, LadyLee! I love the juxtaposition between the beginning and ending and those images of the father blew me away!

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