Wordle #172


A flamboyant sun signals bliss.

A naked appetite, a jumble

Of flesh and inarticulate sound

A disclosing irritation stretching

To the furthest point, a peak

Like tires melting asphalt,

You wear me out, at long last.


Super busy Sam’s b-day was the 5th, celebrated the 6th so short on time


13 responses to “Wordle #172

  1. Ha, I hope you get some rest. It is easy to get worn down in all that we must do. I am glad that it is a happy occassion though, and reason to celebrate.

  2. The ending lines are stunning… I thought of Sia’s song Elastic Heart.. I don’t know if it is meant to be related to your poem… But it just popped up in my mind! … 💖💕 Best wishes for your week ahead ! Aquileana 😀

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