Photo Challenge #63, Holding On, June 02, 2015

Beyond Hope

Beyond Hope

A precipice is a less daunting prospect

When considered from a diagonal.

I fear the vertical, the head first plunge

From an ambivalent seat.

I treasure these accommodations,

These clouds and crannies so remote

From the happenings of a malicious throng.

If an ibis I might nest in pure consciousness

Tending roots in the currents

But I am a stone forged from earth and sea.

From such an atmospheric high

I am likely to shatter under influence

And if not to break than I will surely drown.

That is what it means to be human,

These little deaths performed habitually

Behind closed doors, these triumphs

Which sour with recall. I want is not

The meaning of prayer but sequestered

As we are in the ID we cannot but want

Even if it excludes us from grace.