Moon Balcony

The moon spars under a black tarp,

An abrasion of silver glinting

Like the chords of a severed chrysalis.

Who unzips you, fictitious sister?

Who exsanguinates your ripe heart

That each month you retreat

Behind a famished smile?

Is it either the favored sun

Or the red-faced warlord

Opposed by your sovereign?


I wrote several little poems yesterday on the bus. I will be pretty distracted the next two weeks. My national exam is coming up and well I have a lot going on at the moment.


24 thoughts on “Suitor

      1. You’re welcome Yves. Oh, going by your photo I saw your doppleganger today.

      2. Really. No I didn’t get a shot, I was driving. it was a dead ringer of you.

  1. Who unzips you — what a great line, I like the visual of it. The moon as an abrasion as well, or with an abrasion – either one makes for another very interesting visual.

    Good luck on your exam. I have a big one this summer as well.

  2. Oh, heavens.
    “The moon spars”

    And these:
    “An abrasion of silver”

    “Who unzips you, fictitious sister?”

    “famished smile”

    SUCH intense, vivid, strong language here. I absolutely love this.

  3. Little poems are wonderful too – and the imagery here is incredibly powerful and fascinating. Tiny gems we can hold in our pockets πŸ˜€

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