Wordle #189


Brenda Warren

The breeze harvests and scatters.

Contours gather in the periphery,

Summaries and juxtapositions,

Entire colonies of angular limbs

Partitioning and prevaricating,

An insolent and imbecilic palate

Trellised but insurmountable

And I on the ground looking up.


My bent gaze perforates the splendor

Of a seldom populated dimension

These parsimonious shadows

That move without so much as a rattle,

The able-bodied dusk weeps

Secular and sanctimonious

My nose extends plainly

From my illogical face

And I just might be a scarecrow.


I love when the shadows are gathering and the sun is low but bright, it is the best time to talk a walk

9 responses to “Wordle #189

    • Not an effective one Laurie lol A while ago I sat down and was surrounded my crows, sitting beside me, looking at me everywhere people actually stopped and stared. I have crows constantly trying to break into my house. Crows living in my chimney. As I said that a crow was flapping outside my window lol At the bus stop little sparrows sit on my shoes and dance around my feet. Cats also like me. And I must be invisible to deer.

      • Well Yves, that’s one career you can scratch off your bucket list, Scarecrow Lady. A couple of hundred years ago they would have been burning you as a witch. I can see you walking with a flock of crows flapping and hopping behind you. 🙂

      • You are probably right Laurie, I am also quite eccentric and stubborn with unorthodox ideas. The coolest (scariest) thing was when I was followed home by a juvenile red wolf. He actually waked up to my porch before turning around and running off into the forest (we walked quite a distance together). That was an experience I won’t forget. He was a beauty!

  1. two hands harvest crops

    stillness of the breeze

    slithering secular creatures gather

    hungry and able

    leathery untrusting skin

    black splendor gazes


    tambourines rattle in the field




    a body bent in pain

    (This is the first time i’ve ever done one of these.) – I love the line “Contours gather in the periphery.”

  2. So who are you trying to scare off? Some interesting phrasing, the “illogical face’ and I really like how you used rattle with the silence, because it still gave sound to the silence. Interesting piece.

  3. Wonderful weaving of an interesting tale, with multiple layers – like the harvest. Great imagery 🙂

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