Photo Challenge #60, Still, May 12, 2015 “Expulsion”

Catching the Rain by Vampire Zombie

Vampire Zombie

The echo of your currents

Heart like a sieve, finely-spaced

Scalpel-edged, chewing the husk

Of your tentative intimations.

I line up seashells on the seafloor,

Mosaics of evicted mollusks

Shattered, opalescent shingles,

A room with proliferating margins.

White as the neck of a clam,

An origami fetus suckling

The briny nectar of her own

Mandatory expulsions.



20 responses to “Photo Challenge #60, Still, May 12, 2015 “Expulsion”

  1. T’was an odd photo/title combo to work with. I guess that’s one way a zombie vamp could live… I like your descriptions. The second stanza grabbed my attention. Mosaics, mollusks and margins. 🙂

    Double day for me, but I eeked out a piece before their arrival. 🙂

  2. That second stanza is just breath-taking. So very unique and creative. Absolutely wonderful with such rich imagery….I LOVE “opalescent shingles”– 🙂

  3. Wow. If only I could leave a coherent response… but I can’t! I would have to agree that the second stanza really stands out here. I could feel myself submerged as I read this. It was that evocative…

  4. What a rich tactile poem! I am so glad I stumbled across Mindlovesmisery Menagerie and your personal blog. Such lovely inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

    “An origami fetus suckling…” This is just stunning.

  5. Fascinating piece – and following with the water theme – the flow is intriguing and yes, I too felt myself submerging into the depths. Funny thing as I look at the image – and read your piece I feel “whiteness” and that opalescent iridescent color-non-color-shift that one finds on shells etc. mother of pearl. yes. hmmm …

    Great piece Yves 😀

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