Wordle #60 “Vellichor”

Week 60

I am predisposed to vellichor,

The musk of a parted classic

Draped over my pinioned knees.

The worn corduroy sheath

Of a chair slanting, pre-collapse

And the intricate bombinations

Of my heart impinged

On a succulent spine.

I run my fingers through

The bristling pages,

Fingers peeling the dire light

From the end of a primordial tunnel.

Another set of eyes screwed

Into my convalescing orbits.

The moon overhead tipped

Like a ceramic teacup

To the crescent of my smile.

I smooth the dog-eared pages

Tucking my imaginings

Into the inorganic husk

Of another poet’s animus.




26 responses to “Wordle #60 “Vellichor”

  1. Stunning – in all aspects – and as Michael replied – so well does it all stem from the spine of vellichor. Hauntingly beautiful. ….

    And yet, if one didn’t know the meaning off-hand, and just read through, completely different meanings and reading form in my head too – so I like the multiple layers I can easily read into this. 🙂

  2. I like very much how you used your list. I remember as a young girl one of my families’ rituals was a weekly stop at a book store. Though I don’t think it was an old one. Still just getting lost in safety of the shelves was liberating and comforting.

  3. Bookstores of old retained the aroma of old books. But these days air-conditioned surroundings make it all appear and smell artificial. Can well relate to your lines Yves!


  4. the moon overhead
    tipped like a ceramic teapot
    a crescent to my smile.

    Stunning lines….real poetry ! Excellent use of the words !

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