Wordle #59

Week 59

I fold the mortar

Into every crevice

Variables flush and immobile

Tear ducts threaded and sewn

Choking on existentials,

On salubrious dialogues

That never escape

The crux of my ribs.

My lips whisper

As a seashell

Of gathering seas

And dreams that are

More instinct than possibility,

More extremity than proximity.

Remember how we used to pass

Oranges out to strangers

From the back of an incapacitated truck?

Youth rarely accommodates taste

And you scarcely resemble

The subject of my infatuation.

I pinch my eyes closed

Phosphenes swimming

Beside your singed portraits.

A tantalizing oblivion,

A garden glimpsed

On the ceiling

And I am only happy when supine,

The weight of monarchs

Caramalizing in my unmade bed.

The fragrance of your culpability.

A fistful of splinters

In the place of my heart

And still no sign of the ground.

I want to remove your skin,

The mute invitation

Of a bedraggled dance.

My toes melt into the hemline

Were the water to take me now

It wouldn’t meet with resistance.

I plug the holes in my chest

With tufts of cotton

And inflamed tobacco leaves.

You are every addiction ever tapped

But amnesia would deprive me

Of the forgiveness that suffering seeks.




10 responses to “Wordle #59

  1. “I want to remove your skin.”
    That is my favourite line in this poem, there are a few that really stand out. “A fistful of of splinters” the imagery is particularly strong and original.
    This is a changing piece, for me. But this is perhaps what makes it all the more endearing. Good writing, great poetry.

  2. ‘The weight of monarchs
    Caramalizing in my unmade bed.’
    Reminds me of seeing trees filled with Monarchs.

    ‘…amnesia would deprive me
    Of the forgiveness that suffering seeks.’
    And this line… I think we all feel this in the depth of our souls.

    Thanks for another great list. 🙂

  3. Quite the weaving of a tale – rich in imagery that is palpable. Great job with the phrases constructed to paint such a powerful picture. 😀

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