Week 58

Your orphaned tongue

Rummages my frayed nerves,

A raven plucking

The marbled lenses

Of a cumbersome benediction.

Whatever I have left

Does not warrant visitation.

I drink of your notebooks

The flickers of hiraeth,

A sentiment that all misfits

Endow whatever their proximity.

I weave courage from the scraps

Of your overheard prayers

As an old woman wrestles her

Memories into symmetrical swatches.

Laughter only exacerbates my fear

I watch while you endeavor

From behind a plaster wall

Invisible against transgression

Idle and decompressed

Closer to death than even

The Reaper supposes.



15 thoughts on “Wordle #58 “April 26, 2015″

  1. Wow – what a great use of the words – sheesh! You’re thinking ahead of schedule 😉 LOL

    “As an old woman wrestles her / Memories into symmetrical swatches.”
    Beautiful and so evocative – especially following on the lines it does. Really fascinating 😀

    1. I write the Wordles usually 2-3 at a time having collected words throughout the week. We are on Wordle 58 but I have prepared Wordles up to 73. I do this so I will forget. Then on Sunday I write my response to the Wordle so I do go one day ahead of you guys but I don’t look at the Wordle until Sunday. Having so many Wordles saved I can’t possibly remember the words or which ones went together. Thank you so much!!!

      1. LOL – thanks for the explanation – and I was just joshing/gently teasing with you XD

        You’ve certainly made interesting choices along the way – which is the best thing – keeps us thinking 😉

    1. I use this Word Cloud Maker for my Wordles it does not work with Chrome because it employs Silverlight but it works with Firefox

      There are many shapes to choose from already with the program (which is free and you don’t have to sign up) but you can upload silhouettes and create your own, as I did here. Best that the silhouettes are more basic like the very simple butterfly outline I have used. You can also add your own color palates which I have also done, though they have tons to choose from already. I believe you can even upload additional fonts. It is a lot of fun actually and I find this program easy to use which says a lot because I am not good with technology.

  2. That first stanza is full of rich, haunting imagery…the thought of rummaging frayed nerves or a raven plucking lenses, even if they are marbled…ugh…sends chills down the spine! Excellent write!

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