Rorschach Test


I dust the feathers

From the wilderness

Of your ceaseless ablations.

The scent of hyacinths

Overlapping the scent of frost.

Wax wings coagulating

Inside the brittle pretense

Of a binomial darkness.

I watch your holiness subside

The Blood of Christ

Was never strong enough

To subdue your animal urges.


My pelvis somersaults

Whenever you mention my name.

Ribs, a corset unlaced

For the sake of aviation.

If I fill my lungs with helium

Can I follow you East?


The controversy of doves

Leaking prohibitions

Into my guilt matrix


I could spend all day

Here with you debating ethics

But there’s more truth in terror,

In the abdication of thought

For the sake of gratification.


22 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #104 Rorschach Test Take 2

  1. Great and moving piece – as I read it – each stanza could hold its own perfectly, and yet the flow in motion – a cycle complimenting and following through.

    Powerful images created through your use of words – singularly chosen. 😀

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