Wordle 204


Brenda Warren

Sleep stolen for the sake

Of wild beginnings

I arranged dreams for him,

Sculpted the clay of my flesh,

Spoke in burning tongues

About a life not even glimpsed,

For the keys are never

Far enough removed

From my fingertips

To facilitate such miracles.

My only power is instigation.

I am not even a person

Four-cornered, punched through

Like a time card or an used ticket

I float insensate between the ears

Popping from the bottle

With a celebratory smack

Whenever dying permits.

In hindsight love was impossible

Because right from the start

I felt it necessary to invent.




6 responses to “Wordle 204

  1. Oh totally powerfully evocative and what a super flow Yves! Loved the imagery and metaphors XD Fabulous!

  2. I love this.
    And the first time I read it, I read it as “the sake of wild beginnings” – with the pronunciation of “sake” being the Japanese wine. 😉

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