Wordle #57 “April 20, 2015″

Week 57

A syzygy of grey moons line my pillowcase

Meek, brittle, and in this moment ornamental.

What I fear has not come to pass

Yet each time I picture her, the intern,

Blank as a college-ruled notebook

I smother my holdings, hoping only

That they will die, passively with me.

A troglodyte composed in her shadow,

I do not even exist but for comparison.

That this miraculous creature

Should mount the wick

While I congeal in a shallow dish

Is a recursion of fate, a necessity.

What am I if not sublimation?

Her pelvis bounces incessantly

As if her womb were a bell,

Calling mass and every man

Wanting to worship inside of her.

Posterity will render me harshly

For such a gorgeous woman

Cannot but be the heroine

And she will save you from pain

From the years of sorries and neverminds

Imposed on the faithful.





19 responses to “Wordle #57 “April 20, 2015″

  1. This is excellent . Worth a few reads with some very beautiful lines.

    blank as a college ruled notebook
    while i congeal in a shallow dish

    I suppose the words suggest a medical subject but the different take on these wordles are a psychological exercise in themselves. We seem in our individual ways to have adopted the same approach in this one.

    • Thank you for saying so! My blog is starting to die, so I keep thinking I must be writing crap lately because the drop has been so dramatic. It always exciting to see what people will write to the Wordles, I am also excited to see what they drag out of me XD

  2. It’s scary, but true, that our lives, at some point, are truly in the hands of others. Seeing them as heroes and heroines, must be calming.

    Thanks for stopping by Poppyprosodies!

    • Thanks for visiting me Poppy. We can indeed blow others out of proportion create an image of them for better or worse that has very little to with the individual. Many cultures worship beauty and attractive people can be seen in a more favorable light and many of us self-included can drive ourselves absolutely mad through comparisons

  3. “For such a gorgeous woman/cannot but be the heroine.” It’s funny the things we agree are true about society without even second guessing. Why do we put beauty on a pedestal despite other factors?

    • I don’t know perhaps because we are told that without beauty there is no hope of love or success, the media and the whole consumerist culture has poisoned much of our thinking. Fitness magazines feature emaciated and dehydrated women as the epitome of health and vitality, society can’t even recognize the curves and shapes of a real woman. When an actress of 5’4 is 120 lbs she is actually spot on but her fans will ask if she is pregnant? Why has she let herself go? People have no concept of the fact that a taller woman should weigh more than a shorter one so you end up with women who are 5’9 also weighing 120 lbs, which is desperately unhealthy for a woman of that height. It’s just madness.

  4. Whenever I hear of the word ‘intern’ I think of Monica.
    And well it is just not my cup of tea that I need to know of others indiscretions. So many definitions of ‘faithful’ – really? I think not – there is only one. If you are married, faithful is what you ought to be.
    Don’t mean to be preachy, but it just bugs me that some folks think they can marry and divorce as easily as going through a revolving door. And most because of the younger, better twang of the ‘bell’ or the ‘clapper’ (at least that’s what the bell knocker is called in America). Some what appropriate for the ‘unfaithful’ – well maybe.

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