Writing Prompt #103 “Judgment”

Death tears across the pavement

Machines crumple like abandoned silk

Occupants shatter, the tumulus riven

It was such an ordinary dream

A tree shaved down to paper

The wreckage cuing fans

The mob has a love of theater

Unrivaled by the individual

Justice is voyeurism, nothing more.

It was pity that murdered.

The wrung hands and slack-jaws

That intervened under

The pretense of salvage

Spin the wheel,

Let fate dictate your poison

Thyme: “How can you judge a man from the outside, no matter how thin the glass you are certain to catch a reflection.”

Thanatos: “You’ve got to tear the rind to get at the fruit within…it’s our responsibility to judge…we’re effective because we are impartial…I am a dummy I cast no viable reflection…”

Thyme “Aren’t you afraid of warping the subject’s personality? Isn’t it possible you’ll create a new aspect entirely?”

Thanatos: “A new aspect? Do you mean to suggest that the subjects are altered by the extraction?”

Thyme: “Of course they are! We’ve introduced a bias simply in the act of observation….and these games…you are making monsters and then….erasing them…”

Thantos: “Why shouldn’t we erase them? The one’s who become monsters…have a defect…we can’t recycle them…it’ll weaken the stock…”

Zhen: “It is infuriating dealing with beings that can articulately question and ponder their own existence but are utterly incapable of drawing any legitimate conclusions despite having the answers blatantly and repeatedly presented to them.”

Sev’Tai (sarcastically): “Oh but when they arrive at some conclusion it’s so much better…they destroy each other over their beliefs…it is ironic isn’t it? They value individuality above all and yet they cannot accept  a dissenting opinion….they treat life as if it were a uniform….a script….an obligation…all to avoid suffering…”

Thyme: “They suffer a lot more for the avoidance…if only they could see that happiness is not external…that it cannot be prescribed or procured by any external means or conditions…”

Thanatos: “Do you know how many times we’ve had to reset earth? How many times they’ve destroyed themselves…because I have lost count….the filtering process will buy us some more time….each time around they destroy progressively more of the universe…it’s getting out of hand…”

Thyme: “Isn’t that why we created them in the first place? As a catalyst for change? They are destructive and nonsensical…intentional or not..they force us to evolve…to adapt…I will not distill their essence for my own convenience.”

Will it be the white or the blue door?

How about a true game of chance

What man has the courage

To reach between his ribs and grasp

Gently the compass within? 




12 responses to “Writing Prompt #103 “Judgment”

  1. LOL — at all the comments and replies – because they are great 🙂

    This is a wonderful piece Yves – I really like how it all flows and transitions – and the conversations – philosophical bent – so – totally appropriate – with the tipping of the scales of Truth and the game of Risk. XD

      • Well if works, and in this case it certainly does, dialogue alone can/is story.
        LOL – I’m not sure I’d want to read 101 pages straight – but if it was exceptionally well written, then maybe 😉

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