Hail Mary

What but a thought

Can consume

Without exhaustion?

And though the medium

Grow weary,

Media is never

In short supply.

I venture to hold my tongue

But the words come unbidden,

Exposure is the best defense

Against sentry and I would have

Offered myself to anyone

If it would ensure amnesia.

To end one must first begin

And no one has begun

More often than I.

It is not in my design

To be mysterious, only hopeful.

Company can extend but so far,

I crave loneliness

For in those moments

One can exercise freely their selfness.

Everyone needs time

Without sanity or justification,

To be so and live as such.

There’s a terror

That can only be

Visualized on reflection,

The virgin and the bloody,

Mary is in us all.

Each morning I hail her

As one might a cab.

The grave sleep,

The crust in my lashes

Like the tears of larvae

The nightly death

Leaving me quite naked.


Written on my E-reader on the bus (just learned to make notes haha)


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