Heading South Snippets


Yours was the first heart

Suckered and heavily fanged

Nursing at my jugular.

That sticky red milk,

Inflating your terrible ego.


I, a melting candle,

Diminished all the more

For your insatiable darkness

Found myself malleable,

Featureless, my tears,

Hardening to scars.


My love was only a toll

Each passage, a prison,

A cost and those stalked streets

Leading nowhere.


Some snippets I scribbled before bed


10 responses to “Heading South Snippets

  1. “…my tears, hardening to scars.” Either literally, figuratively, or both, these are such true, unfortunate, words.
    In 1 – very strong and vivid imagery. I love how your poetry can power-boost my thoughts. I really should start having pen and paper nearby when when I read you.

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