Photo Challenge #56- Sunset & Doll and B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – The Baker Street

Sunset Doll The Snow Phantom

Photo Credits: The Snow Phantom














I knew this form would be a challenge given my polysyllabic tendencies and my tendency toward run-on sentences. This is good for me and it was fun =)



14 responses to “Photo Challenge #56- Sunset & Doll and B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – The Baker Street

  1. I hadn’t thought about using a short form. Wow you packed a punch.
    Excellent. I’d never heard of Pepper Post dolls before.

    I guess it was the nature of the photo to go somewhat dark.

  2. Not sure if I’m talking about the same thing, however a rag doll is hanging from a tree not far from where I live. It has been there for years and I walk past everyday. Why is this rag doll pinned to the side of this tree and why are her pants down around her ankles? It keeps me awake at night. Amazingly no one has removed the doll so now I try to ignore and keep walking past.

    • That is curious! I wonder if whoever did that was trying to convey or message or just being silly. I remember I used to think it was strange kids throwing their shoes on power lines and then someone told me it was a sign of a drug dealer living nearby. Who only knows what the little ragdoll might mean

      • I really hope it’s nothing sinister. One day I walked over to the tree and pulled up the ragdoll’s pants. Next day they were down around her ankles again. There is a lot of child sexual abuse in my area. The tree is near a busy main road and is passed by thousands of cars every day. I didn’t know what shoes on power lines meant before. Yes I see them on power lines here too. I’m going to take a photo of the little ragdoll.

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