Yours and Mine

I shrug the length

Of your spine

As though an abacus

Gathering equations

The postures of almost visibles

Like the scooping of a breath

From the tantien

Or the prickling of flesh

When hunger seizes invitation.


We were all in love once

But now is really

The only time that matters.

You are without question

The spark in my otherwise

Comatose life

(I wake for you)

And I am without question

The soul witness

To your effusive strut

(You smile for me).


No one could claim dominion

Of our deepest agonies.

The conversations of birds

Are far more articulate

Than the concessions of man

But just this once

I’ll admit that my love

Is too unwieldly to manage.

I require two hearts

Yours and mine.


I am not sure where this poem came from because I was writing a completely different poem in my conscious mind. Subliminal poem? I wrote it right when I woke up from a deep nap.


4 responses to “Yours and Mine

  1. Interesting in fashion – and intriguing as well. But perhaps the subliminal needs vocalization before the working conscious mind tries to reign it in. Out out damned spot and all that 😉

    Great piece 🙂

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