Storm By Kimeajam1

Photo Credits: Kimerajam

Deliver me from these

Self-aggrandizing hormones

From the oneiric waves

Of what might have been

If only you had been

A different sort of man.

Fairytales are not only

For the meek

They’re for anyone

Who has the temerity

Of their failings.


Defiant despite the storm

I won’t be measured

By your ideals.

Another shallow refrain

I won’t be held hostage

By the weather-vane

Inside your chest.

I never wept so hard

That I broke my ribs.

Hell is always deeper

Than our darkest days.


Only a virgin could

Fall so hard

That they could never be

Dug out again.

When there’s no paper left

I’ll carve directly into my spine

My voice is the storm

And you my hapless sparrow

Will never know

How this story ends.


I went for an adolescent approach on this one even listened to a song from the key time to try to recreate what is a fictional poem in the end lol



6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #55, Storm, April 07, 2015

  1. When there’s no paper left / I’ll carve directly into my spine

    Umm … yeah, I love your idea of “adolescent” perspectives – sure, yeah, as I wander off to consider if there is a blender big enough for me to consider stuffing my head into, as I think of the power behind those 2 lines alone …. yeah, adolescent my arse! 😉

    Great job Yves 😀

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