Wordle #55 “April 6, 2015″

Week 53

We meet again

Over bales of

Newly-pressed cumulus

On streets that run

Vertical like zippers

In a world that neither

Of us finds worth

The compromise.


Ninety-nine years

Are necessary

For the glue to set.

An epoch initiated

With the stutter

Of two voices colliding

At great speed

Over incalculable gaps.

We speak with our eyes

Closed to avoid theft.

A soul is nonnegotiable

And I’ve no thread to spare.


The bevel in an ancient mirror,

The schism of my flesh,

Like a hymen torn,

Like a heart shattered


You occupy the swatches

Between my stitches

The bare calcified flesh

The currents of rubbery sinew

The interstitial rifts

Of my sordid crest

An album ambiguous

In retrospect.

I was never the girl on paper.

This was a tough one!!!



24 responses to “Wordle #55 “April 6, 2015″

  1. This is well worth applause! Not only for using hymen (which I actually couldn’t bring myself to do in a way that would work), but for being a wonderful poem. Brava!

    • That was not easy one to work into the wordle because I didn’t want to do a graphic losing virginity sort of poem, I love how you used defenestration. Thanks so much CC

  2. Oh, very dramatic. Well done.

    I did have a unique way to use that ‘troublesome’ or ‘personal’ word. But with ‘defenestration’ in the line up – I knew just how to include this in my series. The rest, well most of the rest were just icing on the cake.

    Thanks again for a unique list. And for the definitions. 🙂

  3. This was a beautiful and so very well crafted response Yves. It flows really well – the build-up to the 3rd stanza, which has so many amazing lines …. incredible. Love the imagery.

    As for Hymen – yes, it is/was used as a name, most often spelt Hyman – masculine form, often Jewish in culture. It was definitely more common back in the 30s and 40s. As a child, I remember being introduced to several gentlemen with said name. And whether because it was so “accepted” then (think early-mid70s) or what, no one dared snicker or anything. It almost seemed to be honorable to be called this – *shrugging* – at least this was the feeling/vibe I got when around these people and others.

      • When I saw the wordle words (try saying that 10 times really fast and trip over the tongue) I thought “huh?” LOL – then went … ahhh not today, maybe tomorrow … 😉

      • Roflmao —- sorry … uncontrollable laughter with tears —- “I make the Wordles and sometimes I want to slap myself” ….. shhhh … I won’t let anyone in on your “secret” – clearly you are a closet self-dictatorial masochist. 😉

  4. Wow, Yves, that ‘hymen’ in the wordle was a real tricky challenge….but I got over my mental block and thought I may as well be brave and put it in my title too 😉 But, PLEASE, no ‘foreskin’ in the wordle next week ok? go easy on us!! 😛

  5. I love the vertical zipper streets and the world neither of you finds worth the compromise….gorgeous imagery you’ve created with the wordle words here….so amazing to me how the same words can bring such different stories to life. I love that about wordles…it is the best thing about them. This is amazing 🙂

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