Writing Prompt #101 “Patti Smith”

The look in your eyes

As they progress over mine

Leaves me paralyzed.

Your grin embraces

My dubiety selfishly

I curve to your sobriety

In love with the concept

Of joint submission.


Blackened are the knees

That hold at ninety degrees

Affinity keeps me here

Heedless of destination

You have ruined

My best intentions

Leave it to me

To find the only man

Impervious to the proximity

Of his future wife.


The knock of your wooden heart

Can answer only to me.

I call from the shadows,

A villain by orchestration

Absolve the wickedness

That has become my desire.

Lower yourself to me

Lick the implications perching

On my intractable tongue

If we never meet

I’ll never be satisfied again.


The ground gives way

My prayers hit the ceiling

And levitate around

Your philanthropic orbit

A featureless heroine

A conscious deviation

I’ll never get closer

Than gravity permits.




8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #101 “Patti Smith”

  1. I discovered Patti Smith in my late teens and was instrumental in taking the next step, I caught the strength of his voice and his message, I think your poem makes true honor to their particular philosophy of life!

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