Writing Prompt #100 “Anne Sexton”

Anne Sexton Quote

Gravity does not crush me

Though an albatross

It indulges my caprice

Same as any other vice.

I drink gravity for breakfast

It is as real to me as any lover

And believe me

It has fucked me many times.


That’s the way with bones,

Living so close to the marrow,

They cannot but be moved.

A heart is as good a drum

As any and when it loves

The resonance is clear

And frantic like predation.


What a strange thing

It is being human

To have all the answers

And to go about fumbling

Oblivious to all

But the egginesss

Of the human eye.


My spleen grows weary

Of listening

To your relentless chatter

Come to me only

When you are prepared

To push the red button.

I am always afflictive

That’s how the dying live

But death is calm

Like the smile

Of a felon mid martyr.




I honestly was just listening to her poetry so while I chose this quote it was a combination of many things