Heeding Haiku With HA: Spring

I am running out

Of oxygen to restrain.

Winter even though

Inundated refuses

To open her spiteful fist.


I have completely forgotten how to write tanka and haiku (I felt like an eel trying to describe a pair of pants)! There is a saying in reference to Sweden “Winter is always coming” and I believe it. Every year I feel I wait and wait for Spring to start (it seems I wait until it is technically summer lol). Though not true, from my perspective and my experience of being born to a significantly warmer climate Sweden seems to have 2 seasons. Winter which is 9 months and embodies (Winter, Autumn, and Spring) and Spring (which is what they refer to as Summer). I am trying not to hold my breath in anticipation of warmer weather but I am so eager for it.




7 responses to “Heeding Haiku With HA: Spring

  1. I love this! (and have been terrible at keeping up with any prompts, though this one inspires my winter weary pen). I will also be shamelessly nicking “I felt like an eel trying to describe a pair of pants!”,
    Great expression 🙂

  2. Maybe as winter keeps you inside more it allows your inspiration to come out more 🙂 I guess I am opposite of you here there seems to be mosthly summer with some spring 🙂

    • I am from a summer spring sort of place originally but then summer can be so hot you end up indoors in a sort of heat coma lol Summer here is a beautiful time to get out and everyone does I am ready for sunshine =)

  3. And the summer is already troubling me because I just can’t go out in that terrible sun. It is 34 C today and it would reach to about 48 in May and June. I am thirsty, thinking about it.
    I hope that you are doing good. 🙂

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