Wordle #53 March 23, 2015 “Puzzle”

Week 54

To whom do I owe

These explicit polarities?

Face first I cartwheel

Around the moon

Gaining velocity

Regolith prying

The retina’s corridors.

Cremation is always audible

Even when self-induced.


All I see is

The achromatized shadows

Of my former designations.

Sensing hell’s approach

Does not diminish the force

Of invasion.

The magnitude of my fragility

The insolent pirouetting of my heart

Is a persistent theme

And I moan like a hag

From behind the silk

Of a borrowed kimono.


I lift each piece delicately

As if opening a vault

And those sardonic corpses

Peering eyeless

Into the halo

Do not stir though

They have been summoned.

There are parts off ourselves

We ought not burn.