Wordle #52

Week 52

When we speak

Your throat rattles

As if there were a fuse

Loose within the relay.

Dyspathy dislodges the carbon

From your segmented lips.

We could argue

Time immemorial.


I carry your urn

In the vacuous shallows

Of my cryogenic heart

Each window that passes

Is another incomplete erasure.

Evacuation only elevates sorrow

No one can say

What will float to the surface

When severance

Reaches the evidential stage.


The scorch of the moon

Burns cold like mint

I’ll never forget

The charge of your smile

Between my thighs

We used to know how to kiss

Love flees in the analog

Of a migrant blockade

Once is the hardest habit to break.




14 responses to “Wordle #52

  1. Ah, such can be the loss of those first relationships…
    or the relationships that had lasted but age and time have taken from the mind. Perhaps that is why some widows or widowers refuse to remarry… wanting to retain what was until they too forget.

    I too liked ‘The scorch of the moon/ Burns cold like mint…’

    (Excellent prompts and word lists help with continuing stories… I suppose it also helped that I recently saw the spy spoof ‘Kingsman’
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingsman:_The_Secret_Service )

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