I am here today with Yves K. Morrow at Sven’s Coffee Emporium. Don’t worry Yves will not be consuming any caffeinated beverages as we wouldn’t want to alter the space time continuum!

Interviewer: Welcome Yves it is a pleasure to be here with you today.

Yves: Thank you it is a pleasure to be here.

Interviewer: Is it true that you’re a tiefling and if so what does that mean?

Yves: It is true but there’s no way of knowing what that means exactly. Somewhere in my heritage there is demonic blood. Tieflings are outcasts by nature.

Interviewer: That explains some things! You have a rather “memorable” appearance is that a result of the demon blood as well?

Yves: That is a nice way of phrasing it but yes. I have a very easy to identify face which makes a life of crime a risky prospect.

Interviewer: Was a life of crime your second choice? laughs

Yves: Isn’t it everyones’? j/k

Interviewer: A lot of people don’t realize you’re funny. In fact a lot of people find you very difficult to read myself included.

Yves: I am hard to read…it’s not a purposeful deception…I don’t even think it can be chalked up to a lack of self knowledge at this point…it’s more of a disconnect between my body and mind…its like I am standing in the middle of a dimensional rift…there’s reality and then there’s another reality and that other reality…that unseen…abstract metaphorical reality is where I spend most of my time…though all this is just a complicated way of saying I am space cadet.

Interviewer: Chuckles Speaking of abstract your poetry is out of this world literally….the emotions are very relatable but there’s no chronology…no niggling physical manifestation…it seethes and it doesn’t make any sense from a purely grammatical standpoint but at the same time I read it and it’s like aha…it is the essence of being human….and yet you’re not even human yourself!

Yves: Well humans don’t have a monopoly on sentience and tieflings are known to be very emotional!

Interviewer: Speaking of tieflings are they especially long lived? 119 is quite the accomplishment.

Yves: Not especially but I am very stubborn. I refuse to die until I am 120.

Interviewer: Why 120?

Yves: I want to celebrate my 100 year anniversary….though technically I have already exceeded it would’ve been a shame to die the week before so I made up my mind to hold out until 120.

Interviewer: 100 years congrats! Now that IS romantic and quite frankly crazy. How could you stand each other for so long?

Yves: I am a more tolerable because of him. I wouldn’t have been able to stand myself this long if not for him.

Interviewer: Now that’s what you call a soulmate! Speaking of anniversaries you have just written your 50th book of poetry? How does that feel?
Yves: It feels fantastic. It’s unbelievable and yet the most natural thing in the world. Writing keeps me sane. My mind is sharper for it. My heart bloodier. Old age really agrees with me.

Interviewer: It certainly does you don’t look a day over 34! How do you do it? Is that a tiefling thing?

Yves: It’s a secret but one I could teach you.

Interviewer: Please do!

Yves K. Morrow is the author of 50 poesi books and 9 novels all of which have been turned into Oscar-winning films. She’s been published in over a 100 literary magazines and owns Pagan Falsetto, a leading poetry magazine. She’s won The Pulitzer Prize, The Nobel Prize, The Man Booker Prize and countless other awards!


I am terrible with names but I could have easily spent hours pondering to no avail so I went with the first thing that popped up. I had a lot of fun with this one! I tried to include some smatterings of truth in here. I am a space case, I do write abstractly, I do have a weird and memorable face, I am a tiefling (according to the definition), I am extremely hard to read (according to everyone I have ever met so most people can’t tell when I am joking), I really don’t drink coffee lol


15 responses to “Fictionalizing

  1. I love your “fictionalized life story.” The interview format was an interesting way of introducing us to the almost “true” Yves. She certainly lead a fascinating life — I like the idea of 120 years! I agree, better to aim for longer.
    Thanks for participating!

      • My grandmother made it to 99 (her mother to 95) If she had made to 100, because she lived in Canada, we could apply to get a letter from QE2. She was such a royalist, we were so sure she would hit ninety!
        One my mother’s side there were many relatives who lived well into their nineties, including a couple who died (As often happens those who have been married a long time, will die soon after the spouse. The couple I mentioned were 95 and 98 — with clear minds to the end. I have been babbling to avoid some work I have to do.
        May you and Sam be in the 100s and still hold hands!

  2. I enjoyed this though I did have a giggle at you both agreeing your work is hard to read yet all 9 novels have been turned into award winning films. Excellent fictionalising Yves. Oh for it to be true.

    • They would be some strange movies indeed! Whenever I describe a movie I have seen to someone else it is so abstract they walk away completely baffled imagine if I wrote one? I think the world would turn upside down lol

  3. Fun. We should all live so long. And enjoy ourselves in the process.
    I think I have a very common face too – but wouldn’t that help in life of crime… you’d blend easily into the crowd?

    Thanks for stopping by another Brian Strong piece… I added another one today.

    • I don’t have a common face I have an odd face that people remember very easily. Teachers always learn my name first even though I don’t speak much or cause a any sort of fuss. I don’t recall ever being mistaken as someone else and people approach me that knew me years years and years ago and they have my details so even if I cannot remember them, they can confirm that we did in fact know each other. When Sam and I get separated in a store/mall/festival etc. he can ask anyone and they will remember having seen me and know which way I have gone even though I was just a stranger passing. So I would never get away with a crime lol

      • Could be a blessing…
        Now of course there are other ways to, well do many things.
        Where one need not be seen at all.

        I was reading about a model who has an apparent skin disorder, but took ‘it’ and said hey – I’m beautiful, just different. I forget which major fashion house now has her walking the runway for them.

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