Photo Challenge #51 – Dark Ritual

Dark Rituals Mala Lesbia

Laura Makabresku


You fetch a murder,

Unsuspecting doves

Painted in unison

We might start

With only a single thread

Held in the infamous curve

Of that disastrous cradle

And if your veil

Is as black as mine

It might take a lifetime

To understand

One anothers’ pain.


If I ask you first

Will we make it

Through the next audition?

Shame chaperones love

And if not for your eyes

I would never have known

A depth as inhospitable as this

Rejection is continuous

When estrangement

Has taken hold

Of the individual roots.


There is a séance

In your out-stretched hands

My demons leap

From the syncopation

Of our conjoined veins

Go ahead and euthanize

These metastatic shadows

If you press a little deeper

You’ll find much the same.