Photo Challenge #50 -Twister– March 3, 2015

Keiko McCartney

Keiko McCartney

Death may be inevitable

But it is not invariable.

In this moment

Irrespective of what precedes

I choose peace.

I choose reflection

And though imperfect

I venture that I am not alone

That there are others

Facing the very same tragedy.


I could panic,

Panic, however, useless

Is occasionally justified

And a man has a right to paranoia

When he is on the verge of exile.

I’ve always had a taste for apples

For the knowledge of forbidden things.

Death is the ultimate taboo.

When my father died

He became invisible, unspeakable

A curse whose very mention

Invoked the sign of the cross.

If the dead are too ill to speak of

You must forever hold your tongue.


Armor cannot guard

Against the weather

When the imposition exists

Within one’s very soul.

I will face today with dignity.

I will face today with curiosity

For that which I cannot control.

I am no longer a child

But every man whatever his preference

Whatever his intellect

Is without question a student.


Today I learn how to die

I imagine it is a lot like riding a bike

And I suspect that I have done it

Many times before

Though I cannot recall the specific dates.