Wordle #50 Uncanny

Week 50

Flagellation is essential to belief

A strap to blister, a victim to scale.

Never rise above your station

Never question unless

The answer can be persuaded

Down to a solitary utterance.


There are days

When I gnaw at the aureole

In want of a stimulating vice.

There are nights

When I howl at oncoming traffic

In want of an accident

To test some madcap thesis.

The days line up

Shoulder to shoulder

Heel to heel,

Not even a shelf

Fills without consent.


No one could be

More dangerous than I

Cassock-bound since conception

I did not arrive here

On my own faith

But on the faith

Of those too craven to believe.


Guilt is a powerful

Preemptor of allegiance.

My nostrils were still sealed

When the throat

Of my destiny was slit.

If this is not hell

Than the resemblance

Must be uncanny.