The door to my mind is ajar

Everyone stumbles on entry

Some thresholds should not be

Undertaken alone

(even for the sake of dinner).

It is not for me to offer

The tenets’ identity

Lonely women will often lie

Beneath the plainest stones

But I would never dare

Call such women ordinary

They do not even require a name

For who would dare personify

That which is already human?


The stars are all broken

The stars are all crossed

Nothing that is left

Could possibly last.

I traveled a thousand miles

Over land and sea

Through the offal

Of countless identities.

Everyone I’ve touched

Has taken a piece of me

What was prime is now

Perishable and had I lived

I might have faced you

You being a euphemism for me.


There were three at the beginning

I the mother, I the daughter, I the spirit

But one of them had to die

That the others could

Entertain another holiday.

The daughter is not likely

To rise again

For no one ever loved her

As though she were a child.

Some people are born

Without permission

Such scars are sure to survive

For how could death contain them?




18 thoughts on “Tale Weaver Prompt 2: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Writing Prompt # 95 – Phantasmagoria

    1. Thanks! Well I lost my wallet yesterday! I was worried not because I’d lost money or credit cards I had neither but because of my ID (I am living overseas and very short on IDs) and my bus pass which I did have money on. Well I got a call this morning it had been turned in! I picked it up and it was all there even the small amount of change I had. Hubbie laughs at me for having my phone number in my wallet but they were able to get back to me right away, without it they would have had to send a note in the mail and that would have taken days. I would have canceled my ID and it would have been a mess. Whoever saw my wallet would have seen someone with no money, a therapy business card, and a grown up with her own phone number written down lol

      1. People are good and honest! The good side of humanity, god knows there are so many other things going on in the world.. You are blessed

  1. Some people are born/Without permission Wow — does that ever sum up childhood to adult feelings of unworthiness, etc and family interrelations.
    You painted incredibly strong images, and I’m still processing the meanings.
    Good to hear that some people are honest. Makes me feel good about humanity for a while.

  2. lots of little nuggets in here…from the everyone you touch taking a part…and they all leave a part…and there are plenty of things we should not try to tackle alone….there is a cool movement through the whole piece…

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