Wordle 49 Feb. 23

Ever since the cabbages died

Her smile is a partition.

Beside it I rest a Paper Tiger

An altruist tearing

His pockets in shame

But no man has the right

To claim a woman’s pain.


She called them cabbages

But they were always children

Our sons and daughters.

Anabiosis cannot be

Breathed through war,

Whether meteor or bomb

Heat curdles just the same.


Ever since the cabbages died

I sit on the porch in silence

Draught after draught

A beggar’s bowl

Between my knees

I asked God first

But some prayers

Only the Devil will seize.

No woman has the right

To censure a man’s retreat.


A visage twinged

Sings the saddest songs

But who will listen?

The days are sparse

The days are wearisome.

Default or defunct

Each man crawls along

A broken heart cutting

The palms and knees

Of whoever greets him.


She called them cabbages

But they were always children

Our sons and daughters

Taken by the Country

To fight in wars that the rich

Should have sufficient fodder

To seed their seedy schemes.


I took one look at this Wordle and knew immediately that it was going to be a challenge. I mean really what was I thinking?! Thanks to Jen for introducing me to Tim Buckley because it gave me inspiration for this piece.

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12 thoughts on “Wordle #49 – Cabbages

  1. I enjoyed this very much Yves. For me your words conjured up images of country women doing it tough, barefoot and pregnant and knowing their children would be taken for purposes they had no control over. Well done.

  2. Everytime they are called cabbages, it brings pain. I enjoyed the depth and helplessness this poem depicts. Certainly a Gem.

    The wordle is challenging and your entry makes it even more. I’m hoping to put across mine.

    1. Thank you Neeraj I found it painful to read “cabbages” as well I know I wrote it but I was listening to music and it effected me very strongly this topic

      I am excited to see yours, this Wordle was a hard one

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