Urami no Taki (The Waterfall Seen From Behind)


Behind a veil of water

The Watchers sip their tea

Top hats and clockwork eyes

They raise porcelain cups

To join their carnivorous smiles.


Behind a veil of water

A cherry tree undresses the bones

Of what was once a benevolent race.

Children no longer believe in fairies

But the Watchers possess no such weakness.

They existed before time and shall continue

So long as the notion of absence persists.


Logic cannot see

Beyond the ego’s trappings

Perceptions can be deceived

Whatever scars or margins

A heart might impose

It is still capable of crafting miracles.


In the days preceding summer

We still have the freedom

Of our beliefs

Even if we lack the courage

Necessary to speak them

A child can only be so for a moment

But magic suffers

Most for the denial of belief.


For Fairy Tale

I realize mine begins quite dark which doesn’t really jibe with that peaceful tones of the image.

The idea for Watchers came from a dream, in the dream I was introduced to one of these beings and since then I have decided to expand on them, to make is a race for fantasy stories.


21 thoughts on “Fairy Tale “Behind The Waterfall” February 20th 2015

  1. For just a second, I thought we were speaking of the same characters. I have an ongoing theme in short stories and poetry about “The Watchers” but mine are good in nature… A million years ago, I dreamed I am one and so, they’ve always figured in my writing and dreams :). Very cool to see an entirely different concept!

    1. The Watcher’s are more amoral than immoral. Very curious, very peculiar, they can move in out of time, dimension. I wonder if I wrote my dream down somewhere lol

      Watchers have silver hair, heterochromia, and jagged teeth. A Watcher’s skin may be onyx, ivory, or pale blue. They are a tall race and often lanky in build. One of their eyes is always gold, the gold eye contains clockwork pieces, the other eye can be any color. Watchers tend to be well and elaborately dressed full suits with top hats, Lolita dresses with lace parasols etc. Watchers have very long fingers and occasionally have horns or tails. A Watcher with a tattoo has been sealed due to violation of the code.

      The code prevents them with interfering too much in the timelines of other species which means they can neither save nor destroy another race

      1. I love this description of your characters, very interesting. Mine are nothing like this of course, being creatures of good. I’ll look forward to reading more 🙂

      2. I’ll try to keep it short-ish 🙂 When I was small, I often had dreams of flying. I also started writing and illustrating books when I was very young. A constant theme was flying beings. When I got a little older, it was pointed out to me that the divots on my shoulders are unusual and so, in my teens I wove that into a storyline that continues today. The Watchers are the children of the Fallen Angels and their mortal parents. They act as guides and guardians to certain humans. I really should write another piece, it’s been a long while. Talking about the story has the wheels turning though 🙂

  2. its funny…we are watching maleficent…and so the fairies are visible for just a bit…interesting you refer to that as a weakness…i am glad the watchers still see them though…

    that whole last stanza…very nice…and yes i think our magic is hampered (as is our faith) by a lack of belief…

  3. There are many ‘Watchers’ throughout science fiction…
    To have them in fairy is a crossover you have explored well.

    I think there was a show about good witches that had ‘Watchers’ of some kind too. And the show ‘The Highlander’ introduce some ‘Watchers’ too. I am sure they must all be related 😉

      1. I like to go to the translator … take the word in English and see what it comes up with in other languages.
        Like Lucy Arafa. Arafa = giant…and she is the giant’s wife 😉

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