Wordle #48 Substance

Skeleton Blue

Image: Sunday Skeleton: Artist: Lucas Grogan


Wine passes liberally from mirth to canvas

I steady the palate knife against your throat

In another life I might be the one

Uttering the final reconciling plea

But tonight it’s the kink in your history

That reinvents us, no one will ever remember

The tyrant that you were for who could

Face the ghost of such an impossible angel?


Hell cannot replicate

What I have unwittingly become

Sometimes flesh is a far more compelling mask

Sometimes appearance is the only

Demonstrative feature of a soul that has fled.

To live as a man does not imply humanity.

I have lived falsely, grievously and at great expense

To all those who held to the transformative power of love

But nothing can change a man

If he hasn’t substance enough to fill a mirror.


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