Wordle 48 Feb. 16

Alliances rarely survive shifts in altitude.
If I succeed in the culmination of our vision
Then there is sure to be a crevice
Sufficient to justify your failings.


For every plunge I was there,
The chime of reason
A bridge to vanquish insurmountable odds
Perhaps I helped too much,
A leather whip may have served
A more compassionate cue.


Once I straddled your heart,
Its only willing occupant.
I allowed for the mastication
Of my grievances, swallowing all doubt
That you might not combust under critique.
My belief, the sort that only,
A hallucination could induce.


I never left though you look for me
As one who has lost everything.
I never left and still you trundle
Futile, in your paranoid renderings
Perhaps my love is too discreet
To account for your insecurities.


I am looking at my tendency to make excuses, the strange and inevitable rifts in identity that occur in mental illness. The seeming loss of innocence. the disconnect from reality, the raging insecurities. I am not completely satisfied with this one I think it is the flow or wording.


On another note it looks like I was given the wrong form *pulls out hair*

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21 thoughts on “Wordle #48 “Insecure”

  1. Excuses can be crutches. But I think sometimes they can also be bridges. Tight ropes can also be bridges. It is always an adventure to get from point a to point b.

    Mental illness to me is just like the word ‘normal’ it is hard to define.
    We function as best we can. And there can be a relief in knowing that at least some of our experiences are similar, and not all that shocking.

    Not sure I understand the ‘pulls out hair’ reference. But frustration can be tamed… well maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Especially if they might be the wrong ones and after all the running about she’s been having on this ….

      2. Reminds me of my grief with almost jury duty since 2011. Now that I’ve sort of made it through the process – I’ve been told I’m free for at least two years. Maybe (hopefully) more.

      3. That’s a good thing then. Hopefully you’ve done your civic duty and they will look elsewhere now.

      4. Now though I have a new issue. I think I was ‘underpaid’. Argggg!!! So that saga isn’t quite over. My check came in yesterdays mail and doesn’t match up at all near what I had the last time for a smaller amount of time. Esh.

      5. Hmmm …. maybe they changed the rating/”pay system”? Hmmm … hard to say how the compensation is determined. Hopefully you can easily find out.

      6. Instead of waiting for all the paperwork they paid part.
        After talking with someone, my understanding is that eventually the remainder will show up.

        As hubby said it would have been nice if some explanation was included in the envelope – something I forgot to mention when speaking with the helpful clerk I was finally able to reach.

      7. Yes, sometimes its the simplest of things, common sense, in procedures, that would make all the difference and eliminate such unnecessary hassles.

  2. its interesting…how changes in altitude….the highs and lows….they will tell you who is really with you…and who was in it for something else….i hope that i dont forget those still standing there when i fall…smiles.

  3. I really felt a pull to this one Yves – it made such profound sense to me, despite you’re not being entirely pleased with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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