Update: Too Many Straws Not Enough Scarecrows

I went to the doctor on Friday (men feel free to skip). The examination revealed that my right ovary is active and that I have ovulated recently. Aside from that my reproductive organs all appear to be healthy (which is to say there are no visible tumors or cysts). I have been instructed to increase the dosage and adjust my medication as I see fit. I mentioned my thyroid and the doctor agreed that fluctuations in my thyroid hormones could cause exactly this issue. I had blood taken but I will not know the results for awhile. 

School. I obtained the paper confirming my identity and residence. I have also acquired the mysterious form. Ironically my teacher gave it to me, I still get the impression that she wasn’t familiar with the document and was just passing it on from the powers that be. Now all that is left is to fill it in and mail everything out. I also took my test, I am not sure how that went to be honest!

Progeny. Isadora was able to return to school on Friday, her appetite is improving but she isn’t 100% yet. She had an evaluation and needs to work on reading. I am not surprised she has only just started to hear the words when sounding out the letters. She has missed a lot of days this year and her old school was well behind her new one so we have a lot of catching up to do.