Wordle #46 Retro

Wordle 46 Feb. 2

You are the reason for my silence,

The reason my breath struggles

Despite the clarity of its course.

Such exceptions are not for me to judge

But I exalt them nevertheless.


Whatever the content

A heart will grind its gears

In the presence of temptation.

I cannot recover the warmth

That once inhabited my limbs.

What was red is now white.

What was naked is now smeared

In its own leavings.

Pitiful is the girl

Who rejects humiliation.


Blustery air does not seek refraction.

A wool mitten serves the flesh

Whatever the inconvenience imposed.

The foam in a mug of hot cocoa

May in moments of madness

Pass between my lips

But sugar is palatable in many forms.


Though nacreous,

The imprint still remains.

These wounds

Have become my only distinction,

These shivs of bone,

These ribs which pierce

That which they hold most dear.

Blood sipped at a high altitude

Is as clear as vodka,

As poignant as nutmeg

Once advanced a moment

Will not be undone.


I own a dress that simpers as it hangs

Only age can reinvent such nostalgia

But I am not as hopeful as it suggests.

I do not even want you to pass

The threshold between dreams and reality.

I am only a child, an oyster without proof.


I am late!  I actually found this Wordle a real challenge and oddly it wasn’t the inclusion  of nacreous and refraction that made it so, it was the scene suggested by the words.